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From Working as a UPS Driver to Becoming a Podcast Founder–George Monty | E174

Episode Summary

A corporate job with an attractive salary and no degree. Problem solved right? That’s what Georgy Monty thought.

Episode Notes

His employer did not have any regard for the employees' personal lives so George spoke up. Ultimately, that led to him losing his job. This experience only served to make him stronger. 


Today, he is the founder of The TrueLife Podcast, which tells similar inspiring stories.


Listen in as George Monty details his path to success without a degree, how he coped with failures, and life lessons from his move to Hawaii. He highlights the value of relationships, dissatisfaction with corporate life, and the effects of job loss on family. 

Monty also offers tips for current creators and entrepreneurs.



(0:53) —  Introduction and welcoming of guest, George Monty

(01:09) — George's introduction 

(1:45) — George Monty's blueprint for success without a degree

(03:31) — Salary range for a podcaster

(06:00) — Dealing with failures as an entrepreneur

(06:40) — High school experience 

(09:10) — Life after high school (moving to Mexico | getting a job at UPS)

(10:33) — The 'Get Your Dream Career' Course

(11:19) — Moving to Hawaii | Gaining life-changing experiences and lessons 

(17:00) — Importance of building a positive relationship with oneself 

(18:47) — Starting a podcast

(22:17) — Dissatisfaction with the corporate world, standing up against injustices, and getting fired

(30:38) — Impact of job loss on family and maintaining work-life balance

(34:45) — Making money as a podcaster

(37:29) — Advice for creators and entrepreneurs in the current economy

(39:21) — Insecurities about not having a degree

(42:24) — What is George most proud of, career-wise?

(44:20) — Advice to eighteen-year-old self and career highlights

(46:16) — The TrueLife Podcast promotion


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